Thursday, February 4, 2016

ODX005 : Baja / Maps - Systemalheur - V

Cover art by A.L.

ODX005 : Baja / Maps - Systemalheur - V

Second (originally released on Stilll) and fifth (see ODG018) album from German master Daniel Vujanic under the name of Baja (discography). A mixture of pot-rock, avant-jazz, pop and German beats... a final way to discover this great talent!

A review of Maps / Systemalheur at the time:
Do not try to classify this release. It is impossible. So many boundaries are crossed through this album, so many genres and emotions... Glitch, electronica, jazz ? You may think of The Books in its approach of freedom.   
"It's not that Maps/Systemalheur resists being brainy. It's just that the intellectualism at work in Baja's music is located in the listening, detected in the way it emotes intelligently rather than intelligently references emotion. By making process and reward one in the same, mirroring the obstinacy and arbitrary nature of human emotions, Vujanic is using electronic music in a way that makes it less a statement about media or a contemporary discussion about subverting conventional songwriting than a tool of matter-of-factness; Vujanic is a Apollonian fully aware of the necessity of his Dionesian counterpart, returning us to a more fundamental discussion about how words may never encapsulate what it is we want to say, or how music makes us feel."  From Coke machine

as for V:
V is focusing on melody, musicianship, dynamics and atmosphere rather than on the display of postproduction wizardry or editing abilities. The 10 new compositions feature a warm and quite intimate pop-feel as well as the notorious jazz/ambient/folk/electronica  infested prog-post-rock, teaming up in order to create a kaleidoscopic, playful and at times even anthemic album full of surprises which surely acts as an epitaph as well as a shining pinnacle in vujanic´s work as Baja.
Featuring Daniel Kartmann (drums, vibes), Heiner Stilz (woodwinds), Berna Walter (strings) and Niels Roskamp (drums), some of the songs could even give you the feeling of listening to a jam between XTC and The Sea and Cake.
It's a must!

The original cover of Maps / Systemalheur:

Cover art by Jérôme Deuson

and V:

Cover art by Kiekebiche

Digital box release on the 5 of February 2016 at a bargain price.

CD1: Maps / Systemalheur
1: Maps (Fake Starts and False Alarms) / [Maps]
2: Meet Me at the Bridge (Don't Forget the Money aka Jugo Tropico) / [Maps]
3: Anatomy and Variation / [Maps]
4: Balkan Express, Pt. 3 / [Maps]
5: Insularidade / [Maps]
6: Small Scales /[Maps]
7: C'mon Roxy / [Maps]
8: Breakfast with Hostages (Anatomy and Variation Revisited) [Maps]
9: Noises in Between
10: Droma Waves (For History's Aroma) / [Systemalheur]
11; Realphabetizations / [Systemalheur]
12: Nona's Theme / [Systemalheur]
13: Systemalheur / [Systemalheur]
14: The Final Night of the Glimmercities / [Systemalheur]
15: Kamengrad (Mile & Deva) / [Systemalheur]

CD2: V
1: Arataxia
2: Tourist Damages
3: Double Betrayal Triple Fantasy
4: Echelon 
5: With Animal Eyes 
6: Motten Dub
7: The Future Ruins
8: Phosphoraneum
9: All We Need Is a Fire
10: XL Avis

Thursday, January 28, 2016

ODG047 : Daniele Morelli / Mision Azul

ODG047 : Daniele Morelli / Mision Azul

Mision Azul is a jazz album inspired by and dedicated to Mexico.
The mood, the arrangements and the color of the tunes are based on the emotions and reflexions coming from a big town like Mexico city to the lost jungle in the south and the indigenous communities in Chiapas.
Blue is the connecting color of the tracks as it was the sacred color of the Mayas. 

Composed and arranged by Italian guitarist Daniele Morelli who is spending most of his time living and playing all over Mexico, Mision Azul was recorded with a band of musicians from Mexico, El Salvador, Panama and Chile. 
An interesting mix of European and South-American Jazz cultures giving birth to a very emotional album of traditionally and contemporary jazz music.


Daniele Morelli-Pic by Pablo Barreiro

Daniele Morelli was born in Tuscany and began to study piano at the age of 7 and guitar at the age of 11.
He used to listen and play a lot of blues from a very early age although improvisation was always a way to approach any style of music when playing with different projects.
One of his first band was Milvus, a progressive rock band which was touring in Italy and Hollande.
Subsequently, he moved to France to study in the Conservatoire de Lyon, then to Brussel where jazz was an everyday appointment. 
He played with his own quartet and others projects between France, Belgium, Hollande and Italy for a while before moving in Mexico City where he is based now.

Digital release on the 29th of January 2016.

Track listing:

1 - Pez de madera  5.46
2 - Mision azul 8.17
3 - Ya!! 6.27
4 - Chiapas e nuvole 7.35     
5 - Regreso Lacandon 9.42
6 - El vuelo del quetzal 3.48
7 - Popocatepetl 8.20
8 - Chiapas e nuvole (alternative take) 7.57
9 - Falta de agua 7.48

total: 63.40

musicians: track 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 recorded in Mexico City in La Casa del Arbol by Juan Pablo Aispuro

Arturo Baez - double bass  (Mexico)
Fernando Barrios - drums  (El Salvador)
Jahaziel Arrocha - tenor sax (Panama)
Daniele Morelli - guitar (Italia)

Luis Miguel Costero - tablas on track 2 and 7 (Mexico)

musicians on track 8 ad 9 recorded in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico in 
CultivarteStudio by Javier Velasco Gaona

Romeo Ramos - bass (Mexico)
Abraham Calderon - drums (Mexico)
Roberto Blanco - piano (Mexico)
Cristian Mendoza - soprano sax (Chile)
Daniele Morelli - guitar 

Mastering at Magnetic Bull Studio by Lino Sestini

Thursday, January 21, 2016

OJP003 : Wananabani-en / Wani No Niwa

 Cover art: Tadashi Kumada

OJP003 : Wananabani-en / Wani No Niwa

Wananabani Garden (Wananabani En in Japanese) is a Japanese experimental rock/pop instrumental combo who includes two bass guitars, drums and unique eletric handmade musical instruments Kaisatsuko and Ribbon Controller.
The band was formed in 2010 by musicians who are active in a variety of musical projects in Tokyo. 
At first, they were playing completely improvised music but quickly started to compose music of their own. Their background includes rock, pop, jazz, funk, progressive, alternative, math rock, ethnic, dance, contemporary music, free improvisation and so on. 
The compositions consist of poly-rhythm, irregular bars and unique melodic/chord progressions. The band doesn’t play so much chords because of their instrument characteristics. 
It is, if anything, gathered monophonic lines. Nevertheless, this constraint brings their own emptyness. Their goal is to compose odd/bizarre tunes yet pop/danceable music. 
In late of 2013, they completed their 1st album called "Wani no Niwa (Garden of Alligators)". 
They often have gigs mainly in Tokyo. 
Web Site : Wananabani-en

Band members:

Tadashi Kumada - Drums:
Born in Kanagawa, 1964. Leader and song writer of the band. Started his musical career in early 1980's. He has played in many bands like Gal's Attachment, Copass Grinderz hi-speed, Shuttle Loop, Gnu among others. He constantly appears in the "Morgana experimental laboratory" -  an improvisation music party presided by legendary Japanese rock musician Hiroshi Higo. His compositions are often made full use of poly-rhythmic structure, but he also likes playing the drums freely in bands. 

ALI - Fender Bass:
Born in Osaka, 1969. He became conscious of rhythm in a  local festival called Danjiri. In 1992, he came in Tokyo and started his musical career playing in many bands like The Skullaberrys, Deep Count and Hamonigon. In this band, he mainly plays basic bass line with conventional bass sound. His playing has brought stability to the band.

Yukiya Taneishi - 5 Strings Bass:
Born in Shizuoka, 1970. He started a career of bass player since 1990, playing in many bands like Eric Jacobsen BAND, Gnu, Time Steppers, E-unit. In this band, he mainly plays distorted/modulated bass by using many effect pedals. But he also plays conventional bass with ALI. In spite of two bass lines , their sounds superpose each other beautifully and interestingly. 

Yuichi Onoue - Kaisatsuko and Ribbon Controller
Born in Tokyo, 1969. Started his musical activity since 1980 as a guitar and synthesizer player. Soon after that, he also started to develop effect units and electric handmade musical instruments. His main achievements of development are Kaisatsuko (Electric two strings original instrument) and Ribbon Controller( originally, it was made as an alternative interface of Moog synthesizer in late 60's) which are played in this band. He explores a variety of sounds and music of all ages and all world. He writes songs and plays both improvised and composed music, both solo or in different bands. 

About Yuichi Onoue's electric handmade instruments.

Electric two strings upright fiddle made in 2003. It is not performed with a bow. The rotating wheel (which is rotated by his handling) rubs strings and makes sound like Hurdy-Gurdy. 

The translation of the word is as follows: 
Kai = Rotation    Satsu = Rub    Ko = Oriental fiddle

See here for detail: kaisatsuko
Ribbon Controller
Electric musical instrument which can change an oscillator pitch smoothly, depending on the place which you press down. Ribbon Controller was originally made as a kind of MOOG SYNTHESIZER's controller in late 60's. Yuichi made this following MOOG’s example and self learned to play it.
See here for detail: Ribbon Controller

A video of 'Taru':

'Still Life':

Digital release on the 22d of January 2016.

Track listing:

1: Bum
2: Hafu
3: Dill
4: Ukigumo
5: Aita
6: Still Life
7: Taru Wo Miteita
8: Instant Beetle

Friday, January 8, 2016

OJP002 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Nanso ( feat.Okuni )

OJP002 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Nanso ( feat.Okuni )

Second release on the new Japanese series is Nanso.
Nanso (軟蘇の法) means 'formally / literally' in Japanese.
Japanese trumpet player Tetsuroh Konishi recorded this 38m track for OKUNI. 

Okuni's Haruka Kobayashi is a master of Nanso, a therapy based on renowned Zen master Hakuin who lived 200 years ago. 
Eastern medicine gives great importance to the idea of discharging all the bad things through the bottom of the foot.
In an actual exercise, one imagines that a luminous ball falls down to his head from the universe and that Nanso gradually melt down due to his body heat. 
All the bad things are embraced with the light of Nanso, purified, and discharged through the bottom of the foot at the end.
That's all for the way of doing it, but it is surprisingly effective.
Why would you ask? Simply because this is how the nature works.
It seems that the ancient Chinese people also used this method to rebalance the body energy.

As Haruka Kobayashi quotes:
"The sound of this album should resonate with your body along with the image of the light.
It is a monotonous repeat of the sound, but at the end of the song you will find yourself breathe deeply and easily.
The bad vibes in your body will be gone and you will feel re-energized.
I would recommend that you enjoy this more as resonance rather than music." 

 Tetsuroh Konishi

Haruka Kobayashi

Digital release on the 8th of January 2016.

Track listing:

1: Nanso (38min.)

Limited edition of cds available.


Friday, January 1, 2016

ODX004 : Women Voices ( Songs to Dream On / Songs to Die For )

Pic and cover art by A.L.

ODX004 : Women Voices ( Songs to Dream On / Songs to Die For )

Women Voices is a compilation of some of the best female voices on Off since the start of the label.
Time to discover or re discover some of the most beautiful voices on so many releases.
The mood is smooth , perfect for a mid summer afternoon or a sunday late hour!

Digital release on the first of January 2016.

Track listing:

1: Glow (feat. Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock) / Les Boucles Absurdes (see OPV010)
2: Wonder Live (feat. Jessica Constable, Philippe Gelda) / Live in Toulouse (see ODG007)
3: Into My Arms (feat. Jenna Fearon) / Jean-Marc Lederman Experience (see OCD023)
4: Never Let Me Go (feat.Himiko Paganotti) / Jazz Songs (see ODG023)
5: The Last Love Song (feat. Anna Domino) / Jean-Marc Lederman Experience (see OCD023)
6: Birthday (feat.Mai Lev) / Birthday (see OCD012)
7: Sign (feat. Delphine Sdika) / Harakiriad (see OVD012)
8: I Cannot Sleep in My Room ( feat. Himiko Paganotti) / SLuG (see OCD011)
9: Die (feat. May Lev) / Birthday (see OCD012)
10: Mistaken for a Dream (feat. Christine Hanson) / The Organ Of Corti (See OCD015)
11: My One and Only Love (feat. Himiko Paganotti) / Jazz Songs (see ODG023)
12: Infinito nero, pt. 2 (feat. La Diva Christina Van Peteghem) / Quasi Una Fantasia (see ODG046)
13: And the Rain (feat. Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock) / Kate No Longer (see OCD021)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ODG048 : Internal Sun / Internal Sun ( Remastered + Bonus track )

ODG048 : Internal Sun / Internal Sun ( Remastered + Bonus track )

Internal Sun is the audiovisual live project of Andrew ‘Chi’ Claes & Vj Natché. 
Live they create a personal, largely improvised take on the Warp back catalogue and its pioneering sound of hi-tech jazz, the cinematic live acts of Nosaj Thing or Amon Tobin, and the Flying Lotus brand of esoteric instrumental hiphop which created more possibilities for live electronic music performances.
Andrew Claes is most famous for being the sax/ewi/percussionnist/composer of Brzzvll, Stuff and Chaos of the Haunted Spire ( see ORT010ORT012 and ORT014among others.
This release is a compilation of his first Ep, single, remixes and a new track.
All the tracks have been remastered especially for this project.
Be ready to party and dance!

the video for Unseen Mystery Speed:

and for Mindcoat:

The original artwork for the single Unseen Mystery Speed:

artwork by Natché

And for a very special new year's eve, a video for the new track Alcyone:
Written, produced and directed by Internal Sun, lyrics by Carsten Van Moorhem.
Vocals by Carsten Van Moorhem and Laura Huysmans.
Sculptures and lights by Kenisman. Audio mastering by Jerboa.
Filmed on location in Berchem and Mortsel, Belgium.
Additional footage from 'Discovering Line' (FAC 1963) and Nasa. 

Digital release on the 31h of December 2015.


1: Mindcoat 
2: Spacedropper
3: Anionic Hunt
4: Sciencefriction
5: Altsequoia
6: Montauk Chi
7: Unseen Mystery Speed
8: Alcyone (new bonus track)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

OJP001 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Sleep On The Sofa ( Trumpet Works )

Pic. Dan Zen / Design: Tokyo Mindscape

OJP001 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Sleep On The Sofa ( Trumpet Works )

The new 'Japanese' Series is based exclusively on Japanese musicians / non Japanese musicians living in Japan or any combination possible between Japanese musicians and the rest of the world. 
It will mainly be a digital series but it will be possible to purchase some of the musicians cds as well when already released in Japan.

First release is from Tetsuroh Konishi (bio), one of the leading Japanese trumpet player/composer/improviser. 
He has composed music for dance performances in Canada, USA, Korea, as well as in Japan. These compositions won him very high critic reviews in the media. 
He has also performed and recorded in Germany, USA, England, Norway, Russia, Greece and more with numerous musicians.  
He has composed music for NHK TV and Radio program and HIROKO KOSHINO Tokyo Collection 2014.
He has received awards from Tokyo wonder site, Tokyo Experimental Festival8 and the 2nd prize from Art and Science competition in Obunsha composers section. 
He has exhibited performance art piece in Fukushima Modern Art Biennale 2012 and ARTSCAPE 2015 (on invitation from Baltimore USA). 

Tetsuroh is also a board member of The Conference of Music and Dance Japan (since1962) and also a journalist for monthly magazines “The World of Music” and ”Brass Tribe”. 

His range goes from classical to Jazz to experimental music. He plays a lot for contemporary dance and theatre performances. Most of his music is improvised and Tetsuroh plays a lot with breath textures. 
Recently he is exploring a lot of ambient music, teaming for example with therapists to relax their patients. 
Sleep On The Sofa is his last album and typically one of his best ambient album!
Recorded and mixed at 'Bird Sound Studio' Tokyo / Produced by Tetsuroh Konishi.

Tetsuroh Konishi

Cloud, last track on the album, alternate remaster and mix:

Digital release on the 18th of December 2015.

Track listing:

1: Early Morning
2: Gently Blue
3: The Father Went to Heaven
4: Bless
5: To Landscape
6: Atmosphere
7: Beauty
8: The Moon Strings
9: Garden Flow
10: Lotus
11: Early Morning in the Sea
12: Cloud

Limited 10cds edition here: