Sunday, November 23, 2014

ODG031 : Incidental Music Vol.2 / Subs

                                                                Cover art by A.L.

ODG031 : Incidental Music Vol.2 / Subs

In August 2014, Off records was fortunate enough to find back K7 tapes recorded back to a 4 track cassette by Jack Ison in Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo between 1987-1998. 
Jack plays all: guitar, found sounds, drum machine, effects. It's a private work and demos, experiments and moments of sensitivity conjured from humble sources. 
It refers to other worlds or dream worlds as songs, ques, excerpts, montages and loops and it is perhaps a soundtrack for kinetic art ...... music for mobiles.
Ambient music? Possibly. Interesting sounds? Definitively. Exciting tracks? Absolutely!
This is the volume 2 in a series of 3.

Digital release only on the 24th of November 2014.

Track listing:

1) About
2) Answer
3) Around
4) Assign
5) Axes
6) Background
7) Becoming
8) Can't
9) Conjunction
10) Construct
11) Creation
12) Detector
13) Either Past
14) Essay

1) Exact Error
2) Fashion
3) Flux
4) Granulation
5) Instinct 
6) Makeshift 
7) Not One and Not Any 
8) Otherway 
9) Painted 
10) Pink Rip Silver Star 
11) Powder 
12) Resonance 
13) Ring

1) Scope 
2) Sense Station 
3) Serial 
4) Shadow 
5) Suffix 
6) Temple 
7) Tinker 
8) Unseen 
9) View 
10) With 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

ODG030 : Incidental Music Vol.1 / Incidental Music

Covert art by A.L.

ODG030 : Incidental Music Vol.1 / Incidental Music

In August 2014, Off records was fortunate enough to find back K7 tapes recorded back to a 4 track cassette by Jack Ison in Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo between 1987-1998. 
Jack plays all: guitar, found sounds, drum machine, effects. It's a private work and demos, experiments and moments of sensitivity conjured from humble sources. 
It refers to other worlds or dream worlds as songs, ques, excerpts, montages and loops and it is perhaps a soundtrack for kinetic art ...... music for mobiles.
Ambient music? Possibly. Interesting sounds? Definitively. Exciting tracks? Absolutely!
This is the volume 1 in a series of 3.

Digital release only on the 17th of November 2014.

Track listing:

1) Arrow
2) Blessed
3) Center
4) Climbing
5) Dawn
6) Edges
7) Fever
8) Former
9) Geometry
10) Isolated
11) Leisure
12) Maze
13) Module
14) Narrative

1) Orbital
2) Photograph
3) Postscript
4) Reflection
5) Remote Past
6) Sequel
7) Shade
8) Snow Print
9) Subject
10) Synonym
11) Testament
12) Transmission
13) Verse

Thursday, November 6, 2014

OCD021 : Doug Scharin / Kate No Longer

cover art by Kiekebiche

OCD021 : Doug Scharin / Kate No Longer

One of many side projects for June of 44 drummer Doug Scharin (discographybiobio), Kate No Longer is essentially a trio with guitarist Joe Goldring and writer/vocalist Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock, plus help from supporting musicians as needed. 
Drummer and multi-instrumentalist Doug Scharin played an important role in Chicago’s music scene. And since the early part of the decade, his groups—including Codeine, Rex, and June Of 44—proved highly influential. His latest project, called HIM (bio), which focused on a highly experimental fusion of dub, electronica, jazz, world music, and post-rock has been equally successful, resulting in four critically well-received albums thus far. 
The more pop-influenced Kate No Longer grew out of that concern, pursuing a similar but less dubby hybrid with Goldring in tow. 
The fine and inspired music from Kate No Longer should equally encounter the same success of his previous bands!
Goldring, for his part, had gotten his start with Bay Area post-punkers Toiling Midgets, then played bass with long-running N.Y.C. noise merchants Swans before returning to San Francisco to play with the sadcore band Faith Burns.
Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock has collaborated on a full album with Eugene Robinson under the name Las Vegas. She also the founder of Baby Fire (see OCD018). She has appeared on stage with Eve Libertine (Crass) for a special performance at Larsens in 2013. She’s part of the Ladyfest Brussels collective.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Doug Scharin in ActivitiesOfDust, San Marcos, California
Recorded In ActivitiesOf Dust, San Marcos, California., Joe'sGarage, Petaluma, California, Dominique'sFlat, Brussels, Belgium and in Christian'sRehearsalRoom, Brooklyn, N.Y. at various times from late 2012 through 2013.
Dominique's vocal tracks recorded by Raphael Rastel.

Doug Scharin

The digital cover is different:

Pic by Doug Scharin / cover art by A.L.

Physical and digital release on the 10th of November 2014.

    Track listing:

1) Es Camida 
2) The Best Things Aren't Things
3) A Moment, Maybe Two
4) Starling
5) And The Rain
6) Returning (Hisashiburi)
7) Misinterpretations
8) How Do I Know
9) We Only See
10) The Only Dream You See Through
11) Daisy Chains


Saturday, November 1, 2014

OVD009 : Pierre Vervloesem / Grosso Modo ( Remastered & Augmented )

OVD009 : Pierre Vervloesem / Grosso Modo ( Remastered & Augmented )

Sixth in a chronological series of 11 digital only remastered releases (6 solo (5 augmented with bonuses, lives and remixes), 1 duo, 1 unreleased duo and 3 pots-pourris (with absolutely every tunes possible ever recorded by Pierre and never released)) and coming at the pace of one every month is the fabulous fifth solo album from Pierre Vervloesem: Grosso Modo (2002).

The album has been remasterd and augmented with no less than 12 bonuses and demo songs.

Review by David Lynch in All Music:
Belgian guitarist Pierre Vervloesem blasted into the music world with Peter Vermeersch's hyper-energetic X-Legged Sally at the beginning of the 1990s. His own solo albums have ranged from XLS-style ultra-tight sax-fueled avant prog to multi-tracked keyboard and electronic "knob twiddling" to proggy hard rock and metal, highlighted by his six-string pyrotechnics and touches of Zappa-esque humor. For listeners seeking top-notch guitar-heavy instrumental prog -- with plenty of in-the-moment improvisation -- the 2002 eponymous album by Vervloesem's powerful Grosso Modo quartet is a fine place to begin investigating the guitarist's world. A studio recording with live immediacy (and plenty of effects wizardry), Grosso Modo rocks through memorable and even tuneful themes, detours into noisy improvs, and consistently opens up surprising territories in sound. In addition to Vervloesem on guitar and bass, the killer Grosso Modo lineup features bassist Guy Segers (Univers Zero), drummer Charles Hayward (This Heat, Massacre), and keyboardist Peter Vandenberghe (XLS, Univers Zero, Flat Earth Society). Segers is thunderously thick and heavy as opening track "Hairdressers Go Home" kicks in, but after attacking your ears with an ascending wall of sound, Vervloesem goes twangy in a surf-tinged unison line with Vanderberghe's sustained keyboard voicing and the band is soon sprinting through fast-paced but rock-hard swing, with a swooping split-toned screaming guitar solo unleashed over the top. While Vervloesem and Vandenberghe ascend into outright noise and Segers' fingers race around his fretboard like a seasoned jazzer in hyper-bop mode, Hayward bashes and crashes but never gives up the pulse until emerging from the roaring tumult with a slowed-down thwacking to accompany Segers' return to the heavy theme.
Vervloesem is alternately twangy, strummy, and roughly distorted through the myriad rhythmic changeups of "Olympic Troubles," and rips the guts from his axe during a chaotic midsection, joined by all manner of sonic hijinx from his bandmates. Beginning as a frantic rocker with Farfisa-sounding keys, "Anti Caking Agent" soon pivots between a heavy descending plod and noir-into-free pianistics from the diversely talented Vandenberghe. "Amazing Grace" opens with volcanic speaker-ripping explosiveness but soon transforms into nimbly executed avant-metallic loud-soft-loud dynamics and outright anthemic tunefulness -- before collapsing back into mayhem. A complete change of pace, "Smacked Down by the Lord Again" places Frith and Fripp-ish thematic motifs against spacious free-form soundscapes. After the metal-noise blast of "Have You Seen Me?," the insistent midtempo rocker "The Terrible Rage of the Shy" is almost jauntily tuneful -- when its mutant steel drums and shredded fanfare improvs aren't descending into madness, that is. Vermeerch's guest appearance on clarinet and bass clarinet on "Full Metal Carpet" (yes, another wacky title) suggests XLS at their heaviest and most darkly atmospheric, while Grosso Modo concludes on an expansive note, the 14-minute "Nobody's Listening Anyway," with a King Crimson "Red"-inspired guitar theme bracketing wide-ranging rocked-up improvisations that spin from twang to funk to jazz to sci-fi to Canterbury-esque sounds. If that track title were true, it would be a damn shame.

Another fine review in Guts Of Darkness here:

Original cover art:

The band

Pierre and Charles

Digital release on the P.V.presents - digital only series on the 3th of November 2014.

Track listing:
1: Hairdressers Go Home
2: Olympic Troubles
3: Anti Caking Agent
4: Amazing Grease
5: Smacked Down by the Lord Again
6: Have You Seen Me?
7: The Terrible Rage of the Shy
8: Full Metal Carpet
9: Nobody's Listening Anyway

1: Cochinita Pibil ( Bonus )
2: Grosso Homesickness ( Bonus )
3: Rem Koolhaas ( Bonus )
4: Craft 3 ( Bonus )
5: Hairdressers Go Home ( Demo )
6: Anti Caking Agent ( Demo )

1: Olympic Troubles ( Demo )
2: Smacked Down by the Lord Again ( Demo )
3: Have You Seen Mee? ( Demo )
4: The Terrible Rage of the Shy ( Demo )
5: Craft 19 ( Bonus )
6: Ubunged ( Bonus )

Monday, October 20, 2014

OCD021 : Electronique de France / Electronique de France

OCD020 : Electronique de France / Electronique de France

A first in the Off catalogue: some French speaking songs coming from a trio of masters of the French pop / electro.
Jacques Duvall (bio and in French) who has been working with such big names as Lio, Alain Chamfort, Alain Bashung, Etienne Daho, Jane Birkin and so many others has one more time written in his almost impeccable style the best lyrics for LaFille (bio) who sings them beautifully, while Kriss Electro (actually working on the new bossa nova album from Lio) plays, arrange and produce a kind of 80ties old school electro/pop mixed with a soupçon of French touch.
The album has an amazing story as the tapes were lost in 2012 and recovered almost by miracle!
Here is how Jacques remember about the all affair:

"Kriss Electro, the leader of Electronique De France, is working at EDF. You can't make this up.
During summer, 2012, in the former buildings of the power company EDF in Valenciennes, Kriss (who had fitted out a rehearsal place there) recorded an album with Jacques Duvall and Anne-Sophie Charron (alias LaFille). 
About ten pieces inspired by the electronic avant-garde of the 80s (Suicide, Metal Urbain, Human League) are finalized on an abandoned desktop computer there. 
The site is promised to destruction and the old computer is taken, either by a too diligent demolition worker, or by one of the numerous burglars attracted by the leaky window panes of the building in ruin. 
Fatalists, the three members of the stillborn group say themselves that their association was not intended to survive to these uncertain times. 
Each member overcomes the disappointment in his own way, farthest possible of their failed electronic trip. Kriss plays  old samba tunes on his guitar. Anne-So makes a child and plays small roles as comedienne. Jacques falls in a staircase and is hospitalized for a few months.
Two years later, Kriss spends an evening at a working colleague place who entrusts him to have got back on a secondhand trade a relegated computer reminding him those whom their employer put formerly at their disposal. 
Without daring to believe in it, Kriss asks to see the device. 
And there, among the supernaturally protected obsolete files, re-appears the album disappeared from Electronique De France! 
Here is thus the sound recording novelty which, for the three authors, already has in a way a value of collector's item."

Physical and digital release on the 24th of October 2014.

Track listing:

1: L'écran

2: Dallas
3: Vidéo surveillance
4: Rends-moi la télécommande
5: L'amour ou la musique
6: L'injustice
7: Ma souris
8: L'amour samplé
9: Harmonica
10: Trois double V

A nice video from L'écran directed by Belgian Béatrice Guenet:

EDF (Electronique De France) "L'Ecran" clip officiel from BabaSansRhum on Vimeo.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

OVD012 : Harakiriad / Harakiriad

covert art by A.L.

OVD012 : Harakiriad / Harakiriad

A few months ago, driving with Pierre Vervloesem, the onboard music player spitted one of the most radical cover of Sign of the times from Prince I ever listened. Asking Pierre who it was, he suddenly remembered about the Harakiriad project he took part back in 2005.
Days later, I received a set of the most curious, frantic, thrilling, exhilarating, obnoxious songs I encountered in months! Finally here after all this time for your pleasure!

Harakiriad is the strange dream of one man, Alain VDS aka HK, who self isolated himself for one week in a mini studio, invited girls singers founded via internet and a bunch of musicians ( Pierre Vervloesem, Didier Fontaine, Manu Ribot aka Claude Zac...) encountered via his taxi job. The result is an astonishing piece of obscure and/or really pop songs, with a touch of funk and some abstract sounds.
The words and at times the music itself are a parody of what was happening then in 2005 and tend to depict life and the world with very sad and black humour... 
Probably the most humorous lyrics on Off for a long time... Quite typically Belgian, with a splash of British one as well! Enjoy!

A very strange bio:

M T - (singer) wishes to remain anonymous to avoid possible contractual conflicts with -***, -***  or -**
H K (HaraKiriad) bio -
born 1969 Forces Belges en Allemagne (belgian army)
           our hero was born asleep in occupied territory, same year as 'la disparition' by georges perec.
           father was a lutherian aircraft- & gaston lagaffe- enthousiast.  mother karelian-finn kantele player.
1970s  -  destroying stereo gear, records sleeves, reel- & cassette-tapes
            junior of 3-sis 1-bro : electronics, photography, motorcycles, drawing, nano tech helpdesk.
            1st cassette tape : phil manzanera, penguin café , cluster & eno, robert palmer.  bittern storm over ulm. 
1980s  -  1st LP's : king crimson. h17. residents. honeymoon killers. 
            piper cub student pilot (for a short while)
            crossover from manche à balai to manche de guitare
1990s  -  photography school + meets musicians, becomes taxi driver.
           in a high school, meets didier fontaine & christophe goffaux, music freaks  (drums & atari cubase studio).
           later meets pierre van dormael & nasa na, manu ribot, pierre vervloesem, katmeridou-toutziarakis, syfer-danjou, ..
1999   -  drumming on chef d'oeuvre !
2000   -  1st completely finished track
          crossover from 'collection de jolis timbres-poste' to 'collection de jolis timbres de voix de chanteuses'
2005   -  établit le record du plus long salut militaire à moto sur la chaussée d'ixelles.
2007   -  négocie son transfert en tant que chauffeur de taxis bleus aux taxis verts pour 65 000 000 euros
2014   -  asleep & kicking.  écrit des bio de lui à la 3ème personne

Paul VDS - grand frère de H K,  fan de zikmu élaborée, études en électronique, IT, ..
Line Daenen - (flute) rencontrée grace à valentine S
Manu Ribot - aka Claude Zac.  once shared a house with Didier Fontaine, alain (HK) VDS, Pierre Vervloesem, Dimitri Damasceno, Koen.
Rita Wallemacq - choral singer, this was her first studio & solo singing experience.  rencontrée grace à Didier Van Bunderen.
Delphine Sdika - rencontrée par Emilie Reynaud, Aline Permentier ou Mimi Boudis
Hélène Zanutel - (clarinet) friend of Line D, could be a relative of Jean-Paul Zanutel.
Christophe Goffaux - keyboard & comic book fanatic
why you make zikmu ?  
-  mystère. probablement pour compenser une sorte d'incapacité relationnelle,  
   remplir un vide idéologique, plonger la belgique dans le chomage, le crime, 
   la déflation, la fracture sociale.
   mais la zikmu est aussi un échec et ça ne pouvait que plaire à PV qui a dit un jour : "le raté est beau".

And some pics of the original cover, lay in and out, members of the recording sessions then and now:

 Manu Ribot - Pierre Vervloesem - HK now

Pierre then

Didier Fontaine then

Manu Ribot then

Alain VDS aka HK now

and then

Digital release on the P.V. Presents-Digital only series on the 13th of October 2014.

Track listing:

1: Face of Death / Elastomère
2: Appzen Mdehfk
3: Ich Bin ein Bayerischer 
4: Valérie
5: Liquide Brun
6: Crétinarium
7: Colargol
8: Electro Cushion
9: Sign
10: Rokon Roll
11: 90's Shit
12: George
13: Ebola
14: Rhodents

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

They Call Me Mr. Fluff new video!

Here it is! They Call Me Mr. Fluff version of ‘Pursuit’ of techno artist Gesaffelstein. Special thanks to Andres Algaba who took care of the production. And it's still time to discover their smash it fantastic mini album here !