Thursday, May 26, 2016

ODG052 : Nimzo-Indian / Nomadno

Cover art by Nimzo-Indian

ODG052 : Nimzo-Indian / Nomadno

Nimzo-Indian is musician, artist and instrument maker Andrew Spackman. He has been making experimental electronic and electro-acoustic music under various pseudonyms since 1997 but more recently as Nimzo-Indian since 2011. His music is difficult to categorise or pin down, lurching from beat infused noise music to electro funk and jazz. Tracks on the album feature an eclectic and quixotic array of instrumentation including turntables, home made guitars and basses, processed voice and retro synths. 

His music has been previously played on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction with Nick Luscombe and BBC 6 Music. He has also collaborated with a wide number of musicians including creating remixes for Mark Springer (Rip Rig and Panic), the High Llamas (Blinger Suc) and Sasha Siem. he has previously released 2 albums and 2 EP's. Nimzo-Indian's music has been reviewed in the Wire Magazine, Creative Review, MOJO, the Independent and on the cultural blogs Monolith Cocktail, Booooooom and Lost at e Minor.

This album was put together over a 2 year period and as such catalogues a range of moods and stylistic approaches over that time. Tracks such as Words, Shrigley and Poetronica feature the use of voice and computer poetry against guitar lines and experimental beats.
Telescope the Moon and Incredible Incredible are more cinematic and features live recordings from a Welsh chapel pump organ as well as washes of guitar noise from home made instruments. 
Let's Forget, Time Waits and Speakon have a more world and avant jazz sound whilst still infused with complex rhythms and micro beats. 

Andrew Spackman
Some videos:

Telescope the Moon:

Incredible Incredible:

And here you can see more of is art works and follow him on his blog here.

Digital release on the 27th of May 2016.

Track listing:

1. Telescope the Moon
2. Red Mini Red
3. Pelina
4. Speakon
5. Words
6. Sunken
7. Poetronica
8. Shrigley
9. Telescope the Moon (False Landing)
10. Time Waits
11. Incredible Incredible
12. Crash
13. Party
14. Lets Forget

Friday, May 20, 2016

OCD029 : Aerobe / Aerobe

Covert art by Andrew Claes

OCD029 : Aerobe / Aerobe

Formed 2 years ago, Aerobe is a kind of super band.

The members are:
Andrew Claes (see also ORT010ORT012 ,ORT014 and Internal Sun ODG048) from STUFF and BRZZVLL fame, who plays sax, Ewi and electronic treatments.
Owen Biddle (bioformally bassist of The Roots and now playing a lot with different acts. 
Zach Danzinger, one of the most search after session drummer (U2, Primal Scream, Manic Street Preachers... see here).
Adriaan Van De Velde (discography) on various keyboards.

They spend a few nights improvising in a rented Antwerp studio and came out with dozens of songs. 
Making a choice was complex, but those 11 songs show well the intensity and creativity they had during those sessions! 
Mixing, breaks, beats, heavy basses, dub, electro, drum&bass heavily, you have now Aerobe!

From left to right: Zack, Andrew, Owen and Adriaan

Video of one of those recording nights:

Physical and digital release on the 20th of May 2016.

Track listing:

1: High on Life
2: Medicated
3: Bibb
4: Ez Glistening
5: Am Don
6: Flatulance Armstrong
7: Cursing Mantis
8: Swells
9: Exam Cut
10: After Dinner Cordial
11: Kevin Spacey

Cd on sale here:


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Warped Dreamer out now in digital too

Digitally released today the fabulous album by Warped Dreamer feat. Arve Henriksen, Stian Westerhus, Jozef Dumoulin and Teun Verbruggen!
Read, discover, listen and download here:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bandcamp news

Off has updated his bandcamp page.
You will now find the first Pierre Vervloesem, Blaine Reininger, Toshinori Kondo and Colorlist albums on Bandcamp for downloading.
They all come at a bargain price and is a nice alternative to Itunes and all (like all the other bandcamp releases).
On the page, you will find also bonus tracks and different mixes from some albums.

The Blaine Reininger album comes with 2 bonuses never released before.They were intended to be on the album but finally put aside:

Pierre Vervloesem:


Toshinori Kondo:


Friday, May 6, 2016

OCD030/ODG051 : Soldier Six / Flesh Of A Trinity

Cover art by Jente Boone

OCD030/ODG051 : Soldier Six / Flesh Of A Trinity

'Flesh Of A Trinity' is the first EP after the band's full length 'Lost at Timekeeper's Gate' (See OCD017). 
For this EP they recorded at the MotorMusic Studio's in Belgium and worked together with the famous producer Pierre Vervloesem. Having grown musically in the past two years the EP sounds more confident and more energetic to achieve the essence of the pieces of music. 
Their musical taste has broadened as, for exemple, reflected in a piece like 'Thanks But No Thanks' where the band's leaning towards a post-pop/synth-like groove with sometimes even a nineties hip-hop feel. Also the presence of a lot more synths, vocal effects ('Evil Kids'), pedals and overall strange dirtiness shows the band's increasing sense for experiment. 
But still, the band strives continuously to grip you with lines and beats that push you as a listener towards the unexpected, though never letting you go, as is to hear in 'Guarantee After Self Destruction'. 
This time with 5 long compositions showing again their skill to sculpt amazing songs made of many different structures going from metal to math-rock to prog to mellow to dub to electronic and avant-rock! An explosion of sounds and music!
Hard to say where the band's going after this, but they sure can cook. 

Digital and physical release on the 6th of May 2016.

Track listing:

1: Thanks but No Thanks
2: Guarantee After Self Destruction
3: Illuminated Nostalgia
4: Sanity Suppositoire
5: Evil Kids

Buy the cd here:


ODG054 / Alessandro Baris / Faces

Pic by Dania Gennai

ODG054 : Alessandro Baris / Faces

Alessandro Baris was the drummer and composer of the band Comfort (see OCD010) and is part of the duo Collisions (see ODG035 and ODG036).
This time, he was asked to compose the music for a commercial.
Though the add is only 15 secondes, he decided to extend the track to a complete song called Faces.
Here is what Alessandro is saying about it:
"The song was commisioned to me by a video production; they asked for a music that would have bring on positive and suggestive feelings in order to place it on a commercial for a famous italian apple brand that they were shooting and editing for. Even though my main instrument is drums I ended up composing a piece just for piano, strings and bass, with a classical music taste and using the pizzicato and the piano riff to give rhythm.
Aside from few works into cinema's soundtrack this is been my first jingle ever but in the end it worked out so well."

Here it is for you to discover.
Digital release on the 6th of May 2016.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

OJP009 / Sachiko Nagata / Le Hamon

Cover art treated pic by Kiekebiche

OJP009 : Sachiko Nagata / Le Hamon

Recorded part in studio and part live in Paris in October 2009, Le Hamon is a very original sounding album as it shares 2 very intriguing instruments with, at times, some more traditional percussions.
Sachiko Nagata (see also OJP006website) is a percussionist and improviser mainly using the iron slit drum called « Hamon ».
She is known for her solo works and collaborations with other artists from all over the world.
She plays mostly free improvisations sets t
rying to approach the simplicity of percussion with the call from the players for the buddhist temple.
Hamon is an original instrument made by Japanese artist Teppei Saito being inspired by the sounds of the traditional Japanese garden ornament called Suikinkutsu.

She has a long love relationship with France where she went in the 70ties as a student.
40 years letter, she returned in Paris to record this album.
As she speaks French, she wrote this little piece about her instrument:

Le hamon et moi

Le hamon, objet d’art plastique mais aussi sonore,
objet qui, bien que métallique, évoque au toucher le monde végétal. La beauté très simple de sa forme procure une sensation de calme.
De même qu’un  la cloche d‘un temple ,
chacun de ses sons évoque un univers et pénètre le cœur des gens.
Aux résonnances du hamon de petite taille, j’associe  une fée.
Aux resonnances du hamon de grande taille, j'associe la terre.
Ses sonorités se fondent avec le vent, la pluie, le cri d’un insecte. 
Elles ne sont jamais en discordance avec les bruits de la nature.
Quand je joue du hamon, je fais corps avec lui
et je pars pour un voyage dans un univers peuplé d’impressions et de souvenirs lointains.

                                         Sachiko Nagata


音の出る造形作品 hamon
                     永田 砂知子  

In the studio and live, she was joined on some tracks by Christophe Souron on percussions and Pierre Malbos on piano Baschet-Malbos.
The piano Baschet-Malbos was built in 2003 from the collaboration between French sculptor François Baschet and piano master builder and composer Pierre Malbos.
François Bachet is also known for his gigantic sonore sculptures he created for the Steal pavillon of the 1970 Osaka exhibition for which Toru Takemitsu composed and played 'Seasons'.

Pierre Malbos

 Christophe Souron

    Sachiko Nagata

Original coved of the cd:

a video from 2009:

and from 2013:

This is a new remastered and edited version.
Digital release on the 29th of April 2016.

Track listing:
1: La mer profonde        
2: Une mélodie venue d’ailleurs 
3: Un fleuve paisible  
Hamon +percussions with Christophe Souron:
6: Petite conversation avec Zarb
7: Petite conversation avec Rig 
8: Petite conversation avec Daf
9: Petite conversation avec Udu
Hamon + Piano Baschet- Malbos with Pierre Malbos:
10: Prière tranquille
11: Résonance Métallique